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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Continuing Our Discussion

The more we discuss "Hidden Gems" the more I realize that Bomer's ideas have to be only part of the way we grade writing. I believe what she says about praising writers and allowing them to become confident. However, we are not doing our jobs if we do not teach the mechanics of the language. Using her techniques have to be a part of the writing process. I can imagine praising student writing at the beginning of the year to help build confidence. I would also use her techniques at the beginning of the revision process, saving the mechanics and editing for last. Although interesting, Hidden Gems is just a bit too idealistic and not applicable to the academic Language Arts classroom.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Response to Prompt 2

I highlighted a passage from the very first chapter. Bomer describes a process in evaluating student writing that she calls "naming." She explains that pointing out something that a student does well in their writing is not a "throwaway moment." It should not be viewed as "empty praise" but instead may serve to point out something that a student may not realize they are doing well. By drawing attention to their strengths they can gain confidence as a writer and build on that.
I like this passage because as a teacher I think I too often point out all that students do wrong, whether it be through formal grading or an individual conference. I had not thought about the idea that students, especially those in the lower grades, may not realize what they do well as writers and Bomer's "naming" step could really boost their confidence and allow them to grow.

Reading Prompt 2

PROMPT:  For a second post about our book, please write about a passage that you've particularly liked and/or that was thought-provoking for you.  You might also start to think about how Bomer's ideas might work for you in your teaching context.  Happy blogging!!

On First Reading Hidden Gems

Hello fellow readers!  I have completed the first few chapters of Hidden Gems by Bomer and am very enthusiastic about what I am reading.  I chose this book because I want to become a better responder to my freshman writing students.  I believe in "reading like a writer" (what I think Bomer is encouraging students and teachers to do) and I love that Bomer asks students to read (great) writers to help them become the writers that they are.  When Bomer asks teachers to read students papers the way we read great writers, she really shows how to value student writing.  I can't wait to talk with you all about our fabulous book.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Response to Post 1

Originally I requested the "Memoirs" book but was added to Hidden Gems. I am looking forward to reading and discussing this book with my group because I have never specifically taught writing before! I was fortunate to teach Social Studies for the past seven years and after an unexpected layoff, I came back to Eastern to complete my Language Arts endorsement. This coming school year I will be teaching 6th Grade Language Arts for the first time. I am both excited and nervous and my hope is that participating in the Writing Project and this book study will help me become a successful teacher of writing.

Monday, June 11, 2012

I have noticed that no one has posted yet. I was wondering if you were having trouble? please let me know. (Karen)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prompt #1 - Why did you choose this book to read this summer?