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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Continuing Our Discussion

The more we discuss "Hidden Gems" the more I realize that Bomer's ideas have to be only part of the way we grade writing. I believe what she says about praising writers and allowing them to become confident. However, we are not doing our jobs if we do not teach the mechanics of the language. Using her techniques have to be a part of the writing process. I can imagine praising student writing at the beginning of the year to help build confidence. I would also use her techniques at the beginning of the revision process, saving the mechanics and editing for last. Although interesting, Hidden Gems is just a bit too idealistic and not applicable to the academic Language Arts classroom.

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  1. Even adults need editors!
    I try to teach my students to use the best of what they have, but not to worry about mechanics until the writing is public. Yes, they need the mechanics, but they don't need to worry about them all the time. Students need opportunities to express their thoughts and demonstrate their understanding in a way that allows them to work past the mechanics and focus on the ideas. We need to look at first draft writing for the ideas, and then work on the editing if a second draft is needed.